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Methuen, Ma



Latest Accomplishments

What's been done on the Methuen Rotary Reconstruction Project?

As of October 2017, construction crews have...

  • Completed a new off-ramp (Exit 46B) from I-93 northbound to Route 110/113 westbound- a significant milestone. The new off-ramp is located just north of the new bridge carrying I-93 traffic over Route 110/113 in Methuen and will now only serve I-93 traffic seeking access to Route 110/113 eastbound.
  • Continued excavation of and paving sections of Routes 110 and 113 east and west of I-93
  • Placed embankment for I-93 northbound where the rotary bridges used to be
  • Continued to work on traffic signals and lighting on Routes 110 and 113
  • Continued with earthwork for new I-93 northbound off-ramp to Route 110 and 113 west
  • Worked on traffic signals at Bolduc/Riverside/ Route 110 intersection
  • Continued paving and roadway excavation at Route 110 and 113 east and west of I-93
  • Installed curbing, sidewalks, guardrail, fencing, permanent signage and landscaping
  • Installed drainage at I-93 northbound