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What's Planned for this Month?

In November, MassDOT Construction Crews will...

  • Shift I-93 Southbound and Northbound travel lanes to the west to establish a work zone at the east side of I-93
  • Begin temporary earth support for the construction of the new bridge carrying I-93 over Routes 110/113
  • Begin temporary widening at the existing rotary bridges
  • Begin permanent widening at the north end of the I-93/Merrimack River bridge
  • Work on earthwork and drainage operations at the existing and proposed ramps at I-93 Northbound and I-93 Southbound
  • Clearing of existing vegetation at the proposed ramp locations
  • Demolition of existing structures at 11 North Lowell St., 397 Lowell St., 395 Lowell St., 252 Haverhill St. and 18 Lowell Boulevard
  • Installation of drainage improvements and traffic signal conduit on Haverhill St. (Route 110) and Lowell St. (Route 113) east of the rotary
  • Installation of Verizon ductbank east of the rotary